Interview by Betti Bence, September 2022

Artist of the month, June 2021

(Text extract from feature)

Recently my art practice and the intention behind the majority of the works I have created has been focused on adaptability and finding opportunity to continue creating amidst limiting circumstances within a challenging period in time.

While I have come to learn and consider that resourcefulness and adaptability are key elements to most artists practise, I found the government enforced social restrictions and logistical conditions only exaggerated this element of my practise which in turn presented numerous interesting opportunities for personal and artistic development.

‘MIRANDA WARNING’ was created utilising a new-found methodology developed in the later part of 2020 by experimenting with mediums and materials I would have otherwise overlooked such as masking tape and aerosol-based paint. This process consists of carefully placing tape with a systematic approach before overlaying Aerosol paint to create a multidimensional ‘variable depth’ optical effect. In addition to this process, I have been able to consider colour in a new way, predominantly how colours interact or work against each other and I feel this consideration of colour adds to the level of abstract expression and the overall narrative of the work.

The narrative of works I am currently creating have been directed by a more introspective engagement with my thoughts and feelings on ideas and observations of recent times.

Independent article written by Maddy Chelmis, Feburary 2021